Welcome to the Pixel Pumpkins Club.

Halloween 2021 is slowly approaching. Our 8888 pixel pumpkins are waiting to be harvested by you. Each pumpkin combines unique traits and costs 0.04 ETH. Some of our pumpkins are very spoooooky!

Our pumpkins reside on the ethereum blockchain and double as an entry ticket to the club.

Harvest your pumpkin

We are launching on September 22 5pm UTC

Harvest Pumpkins!


Joining the Pixel Pumpkins Club means much more than owning a collectible, cute and freshly harvested NFT. We are just getting started in creating the whole spooky metaverse where our members will be getting benefits unlocked based on the initial mint levels.

10% sold Our team starts working on NFT based pumpkin carving game where only members are invited.

25% sold We will start developing an option to grow your pumpkins. Something really scary can come out of it... Zombies? Ghosts? Skeletons? You will have to find out!

50% sold Merchandise - we will make you proud of owning your own Pixel Pumpkin.

100% sold Sky is the real limit. Haloween 2021 will be full of surprises...

Meet Our Pumpkin Team

Pumpkin Andrew Knows his way around solidity. Likes pumpkins. And solidity.

Pumpkin Thomas Pumpkin farmer. Can harvest a pumpkin using only a pencil and a piece of paper.

Pumpkin Mike Discord and Twitter apps are his best friends.